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Family of woman injured in St. Patrick's Day balcony incident files lawsuit, seeks $25,000

Spirits bar in downtown Cleveland. (Source: WOIO) Spirits bar in downtown Cleveland. (Source: WOIO)

A lawsuit has been filed against the bar where a 20-year-old woman fell off a balcony on St. Patrick's Day.

The family of Megan Keefe is suing the owners of Spirits Bar & Warehouse Entertainment Group and owners. The lawsuit states that the establishment knew their were hazardous conditions and failed to fix them. The suit says that Keefe was only at the bar a short time, and stood next to the railing when it suddenly gave way, causing her to fall.

Keefe hit her head on a granite counter, causing a large piece to break off, and she sustained a head injury. Her family says the injury is "permanent and debilitating."

They also said a bar employee negligently moved Keefe's head and neck and moved her outside, worsening her condition.

Her injuries include a brain bleed, lacerations to the skull, a skull fracture, blood clot, a fractured left eye socket, and fractured vertebrae. Part of her skull also had to be removed to reduce pressure.

The family is seeking $25,000.

Here are a couple additional excerpts from the lawsuit:

"Her injuries constitute permanent and substantial physical deformities and/or permanent physical functional injuries that permanently prevent her from being able to independently care for herself and/or to perform life-sustaining activities..."

"At all times mentioned herein, Defendants had actual and/or constructive knowledge that the aforementioned railing(s) and surrounding areas were in hazardous, dangerous and/or defective condition and, despite such knowledge, did nothing to change those conditions, including but not limited to by negligently failing to restrict access to this area of the premises and/or by negligently failing to maintain, service, repair, replace, remove and/or warn of the defective railing(s) and/or of other defects on the premises which will be further developed during discovery and proven at trial." 

Spirits is located in downtown Cleveland's Warehouse District.

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