Avon trash confusion a source of frustration for all involved

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Some Avon residents are blaming their trash troubles on their garbage pickup service, Republic Services.

Some residents say they've been told by the garbage company that it's going to cost extra now for it to pick up bulk items, but the city says it's not true.

Jeanne Timko says she's nervous that she can't afford to put out her trash anymore.

"To pay $125 if I have to throw away a chair? That would be ridiculous," she said.

Timko says about two weeks ago, the City of Avon sent a written notice telling residents that trash day with Republic Services was changing from Thursday to Friday.

She was surprised when she put out her trash on the scheduled day and the company didn't pick it all up. She called Republic Services and spoke with three different people who told her there would now be a pre-paid $125 fee for bulk item pick-ups that had to be scheduled in advance.

"Their response was that the city knew. But the city didn't know because I've talked to the City and they didn't know," Timko said. "They were shocked."

Mayor Bryan Jensen says there is no pre-paid fee and there's been a big miscommunication from Republic Services.

"We know it's not the truth, we've reached out to everybody that we're supposed to and they've told us exactly what we're aware of, and then someone calls a call center and the frustration begins," said Jensen.

Timko has not been billed but she's frustrated. Her bulk trash didn't get picked until two days later and that was after she called Republic to complain. She says they told her as a courtesy they would pick it this time.

Cleveland 19 spoke with two different people from Republic Services who didn't give a straight answer about what happened.

The next bulk-pick-up trash day is Friday July 14.

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