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Akron Public Schools cuts staff; enrollment down 17.9%

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With news of Akron Public Schools cutting almost 100 staff including several teachers and tutors we wanted to look deeper.

Through the Ohio Department of Education we asked for enrollment numbers and test scores. The number of students leaving the school district and joining charter schools or leaving the urban area of Akron all together comes in at 17.98 percent during the past 10 years.

Last year total student enrollment for Akron schools was 21,126. For the 2006-2007 school year it was 25,758. 


2015-16: 21,126                                2010-11: 22,603

2014-15: 21,299                                2009-10: 23,359

2013-14: 21,264                                2008-09: 23,439

2012-13: 21,865                                2007-08: 24,986

2011-12: 22,159                                2006-07: 25,758

We made the same comparison for state testing scores for third, eighth and eleventh grades. The number of students who tested proficient in the areas of reading, math and science has dropped in all categories. Keep in mind testing standards have gotten more strict in the past ten years. 

Test Results:

                                             2015-16                2006-07

3rd Grade

Reading                                37.9%                    73.1%

Math                                     49.8%                    75.6%

8th Grade

Reading                                27.7%                    68.7%   

Math                                     22.7%                    57.9%

Science                                34.5%                    42.7%

11th Grade

Reading                                85.6%                    92.1%

Math                                      80.3%                    85.6%

Science                                 69.6%                    76.9%

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