Former Cleveland Municipal Court official sentenced for deleting records off his traffic case

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Former Cleveland Municipal Court Parking Hearing Officer, Brian Mahon, was sentenced to five years community control for fixing his own traffic ticket.

The sentence includes one year of home confinement.

Chief Investigator Carl Monday first exposed Mahon back in 2016. In court Tuesday, Mahon, 55, got a stern tongue lashing from Judge Kathleen Sutula, as she punished him for fixing his own traffic ticket.

Brian Mahon spent 30 years serving the public, and his attorney said Mahon is "incredibly remorseful, embarrassed and ashamed" for breaking the public trust.

If you ever got a parking ticket you didn't think you deserved in Cleveland, chances are you met with Mahon in person. It was his job to dispute tickets. During the Carl Monday's probe of botched parking tickets, he discovered Mahon never paid his court costs on his own traffic ticket, and erased it from the court record system.

Soon after our story aired, Mahon was fired. The criminal investigation resulted in charges of Tampering with Records. Mahon pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Unlawful Use of a Telecommunications Device.

"Your Honor, I fully admit that the action I took was violation of the law, and I truly regret it. The effects on me, the loss of my job…actions I've never done before and certainly will not do in the future," stated a somber Mahon in court.

But Mahon's letters of support from the community didn't sit well with Judge Kathleen Sutula.

"You don't care that you violated your oath as an attorney.  You violated your oath as an employee of the City of Cleveland, and you brought disrepute to the whole system.  You don't care about that.  You only care, it hurt me, it hurt my family.  that's very self-centered and selfish. Very." she said.

Judge Sutula sentenced Mahon to five years of probation including one year of house arrest. Judge Sutula stressed no family reunions, no Cedar Point, no Florida vacations, noting at all during that timeframe without the court's approval. Mahon will also pay $2,500 fine.  The penalty pales in comparison to what could happen next.  The Judge said she hopes, the Ohio Supreme Court has the "good sense," to strip Mahon of his law license.

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