Mayor Jackson's grandson slapped with 8 hours of community service

Mayor Jackson's grandson slapped with 8 hours of community service

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Frank Q. Jackson, grandson to Mayor Frank Jackson, will serve eight hours of community service for one of his more recent traffic tickets in Cleveland.

According to court records, the grandson was ticketed by Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority Police on May 22. The ticket didn't appear in the court system until the first week of June, when he was already under the microscope for a more serious offense with CMHA Police that occurred on June 9, involving a firearm.

During the May 22 incident, he was ticketed for unsafe bumper/height and operating vehicle at a stop sign. He pleaded not guilty in court and later changed his plea to no contest on June 21, when prosecutor's dropped one of the charges.

A Cleveland Municipal Court judge sentenced him to eight hours of community service on July 30 instead of fines and court costs on June 23.

Frank Q. Jackson still owes fines and fees from his April traffic ticket issued by Cleveland police, where Jackson tried to enter a highway with a male sitting in the bed of his truck. Two of Jackson's passengers were arrested during the traffic stop, one on a warrant for attempted murder and the other for having a weapon without a permit.

A Cuyahoga County Grand Jury is still reviewing the charges from the June 9 firearm case, where CMHA police searched his vehicle and found a gun with more than 80 rounds of live ammunition, drugs, and paraphernalia. An indictment is expected in the case, according to police sources.

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