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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport launches new checkpoints to reduce confusion

Photo of a checkpoint (Source WOIO) Photo of a checkpoint (Source WOIO)

Three security checkpoints have been renamed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Renaming checkpoints from A, B, and C to North, Central, and South to facilitate easier passenger navigation to departing flights.

Checkpoint A is the North checkpoint, Checkpoint B is the Central checkpoint and Checkpoint C is the South checkpoint. Passengers will be directed to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints by the location of their flight within the terminal. 

New "Checkpoint Wait Times" are displayed on with information regarding updates on flights. 

The newly named Central Checkpoint will remain TSA Precheck only. During peak hours, TSA will designate Pre-check at the South Checkpoint. Disconnecting the checkpoint name from the Concourse name will make it clearer for the traveler that the do not need to use the checkpoint that coincides with the concourse the flight is departing from.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport hopes to clear up any confusion with the name change. 

Available information on the airport's website include:

  • Flight status
  • Non-stop destinations offered
  • Airline information
  • Parking information
  • Amenities

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