Deer ticks are back in Ohio; here's how to protect yourself and your kids

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Summer has arrived, and according to experts, so have the black-legged deer ticks. Some ticks are harmless, but the black-legged tick could give you Lyme disease. Some ticks could also carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

A toddler in Indiana recently died after being bitten by a tick, but most ticks are harmless.

"Don't worry and don't panic. There's a lot of ticks out there right now, but 99 percent of them are harmless," said Audrey Fox, a mom in the Toledo area.

Fox's young son contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever after a tick bite. It took several days for symptoms to develop.

"He developed a fever. That fever turned into joint pain, a rash all over his body, and would prove to be Rocky Mountain spotted fever," added Fox.

Fox says take note of when you find a tick on yourself and be vigilant of any symptoms of illness within the next few days.

What kind of symptoms should you look for if you suspect you've been bit and may be infected with a tick borne disease? Fever, chills, headache, flu-like symptoms. With Lyme disease, look for a bulls eye rash. Go to the doctor immediately if you or your child has any of these symptoms.

If you find a tick on you or your child, you can remove it with a pair of tweezers, and then wash the area where you found the tick on your skin with soap and water.

To protect yourself, always wear bug spray with DEET when you go outdoors.

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