Celebrate National Handshake Day with the Cavs (video)

Celebrate National Handshake Day with the Cavs (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - June 29 is celebrated as National Handshake Day. Try to think of anybody with handshakes that are choreographed better than the ones that the Cavs teammates do.

The origin of the handshake is not exactly known. Some handshake historians say that they were depicted in Greek archaeological ruins and could have dated back before then, possibly in Babylonian Egypt.

Surely, none of those primitive handshakes compare to anything the Cavs put on display on a nightly basis. Each teammate has a different "dance" for each handshaking partner. James Jones said the handshakes are "reflective of their personality and interactions with their teammates."

As far as where the handshakes ideas come from, Iman Shumpert said they could come from any pop culture idea. "We saw this on a video game and thought it was funny and just threw it in our arms. Or we watched a movie as a team, and in the movie they did this so we just threw it in our handshakes."

According to Channing Frye, "I think it's a team bonding thing."

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