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Do you remember the first iPhone? It turns 10 today

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Ten years ago today the first ever iPhone went on sale and its impact has been immeasurable to the smart phone.

Since a decade ago, there have been 10 new iPhones released but  there was never an iPhone 2.

According to iPhone Life Magazine because of the advancements in 3G internet technology they skipped with over iPhone 2 and went straight to iPhone 3. Fifteen years ago we had no idea our phone would become most people main source of phone, camera, music, internet and map. 

Even though it was Steve Jobs who introduced the world to the iPhone, 10 years later it's new CEO Tim Cook who is praising its advancement.

According to iPhone Life magazin,e the most popular release was the iPhone 6s and 6s plus selling 13 million in its first weekend. 

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