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Confederate flags will be sold at the Lorain County Fair again

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Confederate flags will be sold at one booth at the Lorain County Fair this year again despite protests against it.

Former President of the Lorain County Fair Board Kim Meyers said the flags will be sold by one vendor and in total, there will be more than 300 booths set up during the week.

Meyers said the controversy started three years ago and he said he believes a lot of people who complained about the flags haven't attended the event.

"This isn't surprising, it's by a small vocal group," Meyers said.

Lori Kokoski, with the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, said the board will not have a booth at the fair this year because of the issue. Kokoski said when she attended the fair the year before she did not even see the flags being sold at event.

Last year a petition was started to ban the sale of the Confederate flags at the fair, which attracted 455 supporters.

Last year more than 120,000 people attended the fair.

The Lorain County Fair is scheduled to be Aug. 21-27.

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