No camping allowed for U2 general admission ticket holders

No camping allowed for U2 general admission ticket holders

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We've been getting two questions more than others for people who have general admission tickets want to get a good spot on the field for the U2's  "The Joshua Tree" Tour Saturday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Can we camp for wristbands?

The Browns and Live Nation have been setting the rules for the concert and have been putting them out little by little this week. For people who want to be close to the stage your best bet will be to get in line to get the wristband that will be handed out at 8:00 AM on Saturday at the Cree Gate. That wristband will be numbered and when you show back up by 4:00 you will be put back in line according to that number. When the gates open at 5:00 those with wristbands will be lead down to the field and get the prime spots by the stage. So people have been asking us, can we camp out Friday night? It took two days but finally Thursday morning we got the answer. According to staff with the Browns we were told in a statement, "No "camping out." Also, "They can begin lining up at 8 a.m." How then tend to enforce this is unclear. If you don't care where you stand, you don't have to worry about any wristbands or standing in line. Once the gates are open, and wristband people have been let it, you too have to show up to the Cree Gate and will be let on the field but will have to make do with what space is left. From what we have heard the field will not be full and there will be space in the back.

Can one person pick up wristbands for all tickets?

Many people have emailed and contacted us on social media to ask if one person goes down for the 8:00 AM wristband pickup if they can get them for all of the tickets in their party. For example, one mega fan wants to wait in the early morning line but his three friends do not. Can he pick up all four tickets. The answer, "...wristbands distributed per individual (no group pickup), each person must be present to receive a wristband." The other rule is that if people get numbered wristbands as a group, the entire group must be present in the 4:00 line-up or they will be removed from the line.

It's very important that all GA ticket holders know they must all use the Cree gate whether they want to wait for a wristband, or get in after wristband people have been let in. See map:

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