The complete list of reported lead water pipes in Ohio

The complete list of reported lead water pipes in Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For those who live in an older community, the chances are very good the water that comes into the home from the street is delivered by a lead pipe. The treatment plants put a chemical into the water that coats the inside of the pipes so lead does not leach into the drinking water.

The problem in Flint, Mich. -- where many were drinking lead-poisoned water -- is that Flint decided to not get their water from Detroit any longer to try and save money. The city began taking water from the Flint River, treating it and sending it out to its residents. However, they weren't putting in the correct levels of chemical to keep the lead getting into the water from the pipes.

In most communities when they dig up a street, or replace a broken water pipe, they replace the old lead pipes with one of a number of more modern pipes.

In June of 2016, Gov. John Kasich signed a new law that updated Ohio's old water regulations after seeing what happened in Flint.

One of the regulations of the new law was that by March of 2017, all communities had to map out and report to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency where lead pipes feed water to its residents.

The EPA reports they now have maps from all 1,581 communities and water suppliers that show where lead pipes are still delivering water.

To see if there are lead pipes delivering your water click here.

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