Parma Heights Homeowners still cleaning up from repeated flooding

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Pamela Trunk couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what happened to her Parma Heights basement on Friday night, just two months after floodwaters did close to ten thousand dollars worth of damage.

"We had just finished completely fixing up the basement. He did all the drywall again, repairing everything, put new carpeting in, and we came home Friday night and flooded again," said Trunk, "It's very depressing, very depressing."

Luckily, Trunk says what came up into her basement was storm drain water and not raw sewage.

Just a couple of houses down from Trunk on Maplewood Road, Donna Hursh came home from vacation to find her basement was covered in at least three inches of water. She says this is the third time in eight years her basement has been flooded.

"The speakers got soaked and wet. Those are going in the garbage. I really haven't had a chance to assess a lot of the damage because I am still cleaning up. I've been in here since Friday," said Hursh.

Why the repeated flooding? Homeowners suspect an aging infrastructure, and possibly the clearing of some nearby land.

"We have a good Mayor. He is a good man, and I know what time of a man he is. I don't personally blame him, but I believe firmly that there is an issue with the city of Parma as well as Parma Heights," said Hursh.

"Something definitely needs to be done," added Trunk.

Other neighbors told us the situation has been so bad they leave their basements empty.

"I don't know exactly how old the systems are, but they are very, very outdated, and I know that they are expensive to fix, but I also know that we, as homeowners and tax payers don't deserve to live like this," said Hursh.

We reached out to the Mayor of Parma Heights, but at the time of this writing of this story, we are still waiting to hear back from his office.

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