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Elyria celebrates bicentennial

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While our country celebrates the biggest holiday of the summer, one local city has extra reason to get the party started. At West Park in Elyria, every year the 4th of July 's Great American Picnic is a big deal. But when it coincides with your city turning 200 years old there's an extra reason to celebrate.  

The vendors and city workers were setting up early for what’s bound to be another history maker for Elyria. More than 35,000 people are expected to attend the festivities.

"I think it’s wonderful whenever you celebrate the past and history," said longtime resident, Sharon Ballew. 

Mayor Holly Brinda stresses how much it means to the city that's had so many ups and downs.

“We see this bicentennial as an opportunity to communicate that this is a proud city that has the capability of evolving," said Mayor Brinda. 

Celebrating the history begins with an hour-long documentary the city put together to be shown at the gathering. It notes the city's strong manufacturing base and Elyria is home to the bicycle seat, the sewing machine, rubber shoe heels, the pipe wrench and the gas burner to name a few.

But many also see the bicentennial as a chance to celebrate a future that looks quite promising with millions of dollars of renovations to come, jobs to be had and a population that manages to hold steady. 

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