Most common injuries from fireworks include burns, eye injuries and sprains, doctor says

Most common injuries from fireworks include burns, eye injuries and sprains, doctor says

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Fourth of July can be a fun time to enjoy a few cookouts, barbecues and fireworks display.

It can also be a dangerous time when people try to set off their own fireworks. Although it's illegal to set off fireworks in Ohio, that doesn't stop people from doing it.

Seth Podolsky, M.D., an emergency department physician at Cleveland Clinic said some of the most common injuries from fireworks include burns, injuries to the eyes, or a sprain from a trip and fall.

Fireworks should never be lit near people or pointed at people and should be far away from your house and any trees, Podolsky said. He said it's also important to never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not fully ignited.

If children are old enough to play with sparklers, it's best to have them hold them away from the body at an arm's length, he continued.

"Never allow children to run with sparklers and make sure they are supervised at all times," said, Podolsky. "For young children, glow sticks and fiber-optic wands are good alternatives to sparklers".

In the event of a burn injury, if it's a small burn, it can be treated at home, said, Podolsky.

"If you do have a simple burn that's just redness without blisters and not over a dangerous part of the body, you can just use cool compresses," said, Podolsky. "Don't put ice directly on it; use over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and then contact your doctor if you have any questions," said, Podolsky.

However, a burn to the face, hands, ears, feet or genitalia, needs to be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible.

Likewise, if the burn is very large or if it wraps around a limb, the person needs to seek immediate medical attention.

Podolsky said putting ice directly onto a burn can sometimes cause a secondary burn, so it's important to make sure there is something in between the ice and the skin, like a washcloth.

Before buying any fireworks - it's essential to make sure that they are legal to use in your area, as rules can vary from state to state.

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