81 games down; What, if anything, does the Cleveland Indians need?

81 games down; What, if anything, does the Cleveland Indians need?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The 81 game mark is a great time to take stock. The trade deadline is four weeks away, do the Indians need anything? Yes. They need some things, but that does not mean they need to go trade for it.

The starting rotation has been inconsistent, but that could be fixed in-house. Get Danny Salazar right and it will make a huge difference. The Bauer-Tomlin-Clevinger trio is up and down, but if you have Kluber, Carrasco and Salazar going, you can get by with two of those last three in your rotation.

Offensively, I don't see anything they have to break the bank to fix. Santana's average is low, but he's usually better in the second half than the first. Yan Gomes is only hitting .230, so they might kick the tires on some catchers, like LuCroy last year, but Gomes is a weapon behind the plate and runs the staff well. That last part is especially important to Francona.

The guy I am most concerned about in the second half is Lonnie Chisenhall. He's been awesome, but he has never put together a season like this before. He will enter play on Monday as a .305 hitter. That means he has either really figured it out and is having a break out year, or he is going to come crashing back to earth. You hope he's figured it out, because if he's going to be this kind of player in the years to come, it would be a big shot in the arm from an unexpected source.

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