No fireworks for the Cavs, just yet

No fireworks for the Cavs, just yet

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There have been no fireworks for Independence Day for the Cavaliers so far. They have mostly just fizzled.

An underwhelming weekend started with the signing of 35-yr-old Jose Calderon. A backup point guard coming off his worst season ever- shooting 41 percent from the field and scoring three points a game. He also struggles on defense. How does that help them beat Golden State?

Next was the re-signing of Kyle Korver, he got three years and 22 million bucks. He is also 35, and in the Finals he could not do the one thing he was brought here to do-- hit big threes.

Paul George was the biggest name traded, but not to Cleveland. After a lot talk that the Cavs wanted him, that was a big swing-and-miss after a lot of talk.

Sunday came news that Carmelo Anthony is willing to waive his no-trade clause. This is great news for the Cavs, but they would likely have to trade Kevin Love to get him.

Monday, they were turned down by Chauncey Billups, a guy with zero experience running any team. There's no second choice in sight that we know of.

This next front office boss is a huge hire for the franchise—It has to be someone LeBron respects and it has to be someone who can convince LeBron that there is a plan to beat the Warriors, not just one to get back to the Finals and "see what happens."

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