Red Cross experiencing low blood supply, need emergency donors

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The American Red Cross has issued an emergency call for blood donors after their blood supply is at a critical low.

According to the Red Cross, there were about 61,000 fewer donations than expected were given during the past two months. The decrease in donations has caused a critical blood supply shortage.

"Donors aren't coming forward to give and that's impacting our blood supply," American Red Cross spokeswoman Christy Peters said.

The minimum age to donate blood is 17. People who come in are asked to bring in a photo ID or a Red Cross Donor card.

"The decline in summer donations is causing a significant draw-down of our overall blood supply," said Shaun Gilmore, president of the Red Cross Biomedical Services. "Every day, patients recovering from accidents or those receiving treatments for cancer or blood disorders rely on lifesaving blood products regardless of the season."

Peters said one of the reasons they have a blood shortage is because school is not in session.

"Our high school and college blood drives, which bring in a lot of new donors every year and also college and high school students who do a ton for us during the year are out of school and they're not giving on a regular basis," Peters said.

Blood donors can schedule an appointment to give or can attend a sponsored blood donation event.

Contact the American Red Cross for more information.

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