Saucy Brew Works, Ohio City's sixth brewery, opens in Cleveland (menu/photos)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Saucy Brew Works opened its doors July 5, making it the sixth brewery in Ohio City -- which is becoming the micro-brew capital of Ohio.

The new beer brother to the block is on the corner of West 29th Street and Detroit Avenue, which is the Hingetown neighborhood. The space is beautiful and wide open keeping some of the iron beams and lifts from the original Stealman Building. Matching the old iron is the new stainless steel which is everywhere and flashes like a new penny.

Talking to Brent Zimmerman, CEO, it becomes very clear this brewery spared no expense on equipment and technology which took two years to plan and complete.

"The whole goal was quality from start to finish," explained Zimmerman.

They make that possible with a one of a kind beer delivering system. From beer brewing tank all the way to your glass the beer never touches anything but stainless steel. Even the tap lines, which in most bars and breweries are plastic, are 100 percent stainless steel.

Zimmerman and Lead Brewer Eric Anderson said no one else in the state has a system that's all stainless steel. Anderson explains when beer touches plastic, or runs through plastic lines on the way to a tap, the plastic can absorb the some of the flavor. That will never be the case at Saucy Brew.

The brewery is complete with a state-of-the-art lab, cleaning system and it partially automated so that every time they make a beer in the brewery it will taste the same from one batch to the next.

"Super clean, super innovative. We're not messing around," said Anderson.

The menu is impressive as well and features a mark your own, make your own pizza. These are higher end pizzas with toppings like little neck clams, truffles and duck confit. Along with salads and bread with roasted garlic and rosemary butter, there are saucy balls (meatballs) that are about the size of a softball. The new building is complete with a pizza window that you'll be able to walk up and get a slice, and eventually they'll use bikes to deliver.

In the first year they expect to brew 30 different beers with five core beers on tap at all times. The facility is complete with a canning system that can rip out 200 cans of beer a minute.

When asked about Ohio City getting over saturated with craft breweries Zimmerman turns to history and statistics.

"Craft is still twelve to thirteen percent of the beer population. So we still have a large pie to take from, and craft is still growing at the same time. If you look at 1920 as a corollary, we have about the same amount of breweries we did in 1920 and we have ten times the population," he said.

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