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Death investigation complete in 8-year-old's suicide case

Gabriel Taye (Provided) Gabriel Taye (Provided)

The Hamilton County Coroner has completed a second investigation into the death of an 8-year-old boy who took his own life days after he was allegedly bullied at school.

Gabriel Taye died on Jan 26. The coroner ended her latest investigation Thursday without adding a reference to bullying incidents in Taye's death certificate. 

Cincinnati Public Schools in May released security video showing another student apparently hit the child as he walked into the bathroom. The footage prompted Sammarco to take a second look at his death.

“This review did not reveal any information inconsistent with our original findings.  We have closed the investigation,” read a statement released Thursday from Sammarco’s office.

The manner of death – suicide – will not be amended on Taye’s death certificate, the coroner said.

Representatives with Taye's family released the following statement Thursday afternoon: 

"The family of Gabriel Taye would like to thank Dr. Sammarco for her attempt to determine the contributing factors that caused his death.  Gabe’s family consented to his exhumation in the hopes that it would provide more answers.  We will be continuing our investigation into the bullying that contributed to his death."   

[Video shows alleged bullying two days before 8-year-old’s suicide]

Sammarco has called the investigation “one of the most emotionally draining cases” of her career.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the alleged bullying incident.  

Last month, investigators reopened the child’s grave to retrieve a tablet from his casket. His body was not disturbed, but authorities removed his tablet from the casket and handed it over to the prosecutor's office.

"Gabe was buried with his tablet because his mother wanted to make sure he had something to play with in heaven," read a statement from Gabe's family.

As of Thursday, the prosecutor’s office said they had no update on the investigation.

The Carson Elementary student died by suicide on Jan. 26.  Gabriel's family believes his death was a result of a bullying incident two days earlier.

A 24-minute security video from Jan. 24 shows a fellow student apparently hit the boy inside the restroom.

He was unconscious for several minutes before an adult noticed the situation. 

School officials maintain administrators followed protocol once they became aware of the situation. They said a link between bullying at the child's suicide has not been established.

If you or anyone you know are feeling desperate, or beyond hope here are some phone numbers that you can call 24 hours a day for free counseling:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Talbert House's hotline line: 513-281-CARE (2273). 

Talbert House's text line: Text the phrase 4hope to 839863

The state of Ohio's text line: Text the phrase 4hope to 741741

Mental Health Association of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio: 859-431-1077

Mental Health Access Point mobile crisis line: 513-558-8888. 

Mindpeace, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, 513-803-0844.

Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties: 1-877-695-6333

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