'They're Coming' to Cedar Point, is Mean Streak coming back from the dead?

'They're Coming' to Cedar Point, is Mean Streak coming back from the dead?
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SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - Another 'They're Coming' promotional video has been posted on Twitter by the Cedar Point account. This is the third video of its kind in the last couple of months.

There are rumblings this is the renovation of the Mean Streak roller coaster.

The video in April had the message 'They're Coming'. The second video posted said 'They're wild and unruly'.

The video posted on July 5 had the message of 'They're rollin' in like thunder'.

Cedar Point (allegedly) shut down the wooden roller coaster Mean Streak last year, but could it be getting a makeover for a new and improved appearance?

Officials from Cedar Point announced that they were closing Mean Streak on Sept. 16, 2016, but a new Twitter account has surfaced recently showing what appears to be modern updates to the still-standing roller coaster frame. The account, @NewMeanStreak, claims it is not affiliated with Cedar Point. The user even tweets about having to hide in the trees so nobody sees the photographer, but the account features several photos of the wooden Mean Streak skeleton with a metal track installed. If true, the combination of the original wood structure and the new metal track would make the ride a hybrid-style roller coaster.

The original Mean Streak was built in 1991. When it was first built, the coaster held the record for the tallest lift and longest drop for a wooden coaster. The initial closure announcement brought out mixed emotions from Mean Streak riders. Some riders expressed sadness that it was closing, while others expressed appreciation for the time it was around.

If a new(er) Mean Streak is scheduled to debut anytime in future, the news will surely bring out only one emotion: pure excitement.

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