Strongsville Police warn people of a driveway scam

Strongsville Police warn people of a driveway scam

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Strongsville Police Department is warning people about a possible scam in the area. Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle and people in the area of Boston Road in the city. The vehicle was occupied by two men.

Investigators said the two men pulled into the resident's driveway and asked if he wanted an estimated on paving his driveway. The vehicle left westbound on Boston Road. The vehicle had Georgia license plates.

Police said this type of action is usually a scam, they try to collect money up front and not do any work or a distraction type of burglary where one of people distracts the resident while the other person enters the home to steal items.

Police are asking if you see this vehicle, contact the police department and do not provide the men with any money.

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