Residents left dealing with aftermath of east side sinkhole

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - After a sink hole swallowed a city water van Thursday, residents who live nearby were left dealing with the aftermath.

Tanya Higgins lives near the area on East 127th where part of the pavement collapsed. During the ordeal, the city said about 34 households, including Higgins' home, lost water. The city restored the water early Friday morning and crews had been working around the clock.

With splotches of dirty water splattered around her basement, Higgins finds herself dealing with another problem following the incident.

"Yeah it stinks. My mom's cookbooks might be damaged, I may have to toss these," said Higgins.

Thursday night a city water employee was responding to a reported water main break on East 127th Street when the street caved in. The employee wasn't hurt. Cleveland Water Department Commissioner Alex Margevicius said it's not clear what caused the sinkhole.

Friday crews spent the afternoon digging 12 feet into the ground. Once they get a better look at it, Margevicius said he hopes they can determine what caused the collapse.

"This is the first record of a water main break occurring on this street in 30 years of history," said Margevicius.

And it will take until the middle of next week for crews to patch up the street.

In the meantime Higgins has to deal with the noise.

"No sleep last night because the jackhammer's were going -- I closed all my windows. I just have to deal with it you know," said Higgins.

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