Justice Center worker accused of snagging cash from lobby cafe

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A court employee has been accused of committing burglary on duty at the Justice Center.

Lots of people pass by the Paradiso Cafe in the lobby of the Justice Center. It's a nice spot to get a cup of coffee, a snack, or a smile. But Cleveland 19 has learned that a protective services worker, someone employed by the County since 2006, decided that wasn't enough.

Those are workers who carry guns and are supposed to keep order in the place. But the man, who hasn't yet been charged, is accused of contributing to disorder.

He's accused of helping himself to cash from Paradiso's receipts while on duty and carrying a gun.

The thefts took inside information to pull off, like knowing where a key to a back room was hidden. When the server went on a bank run he used the key to get into the room where cash was kept. The key worked, and a crook got something over $220, money intended to begin the day the next morning.

Initially, workers were accused, but then surveillance videos were reviewed and the real culprit was identified. With all the cameras in the place, one can't help ask -- what was he thinking?

The odd part of the story is that this happened weeks and weeks ago, but he hasn't been indicted.

Cleveland 19 has been told his case will go directly to the grand jury, saving the man an embarrassing arraignment.

He would have likely pleaded guilty, likely have gotten probation, and the whole mess would have likely disappeared.

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