Westlake police warn residents to lock cars after several area break-ins

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Police say thieves broke into several vehicles in a Westlake neighborhood earlier this week, stealing hundreds of dollars' worth of property.

Homeowners on several different streets called police after they found their cars in disarray, some realizing they were missing valuables they had left in their cars. Westlake Police say many of the cars were unlocked.

In a neighborhood called Savannah Estates off of Detroit Road near Crocker Park, many homeowners were surprised to find thieves targeting their neighborhood. In the first case, a man told police two of his SUVs were unlocked, and the thieves stole money and two hand drills.

Just a few minutes away, a GPS and several brand name sunglasses were stolen.

Ingrid Angala's family was hit, too. They had four cars in the driveway, but only one was broken into.

"We must have left it unlocked, but we're very meticulous about locking our car doors. We're not sure how they got in," Angala said.

She says some items were missing from her SUV.

"GPS, some mail, just rummaged through some items in the car," she said.

Cleveland 19 also spoke to a homeowner who says someone rummaged through four of their cars overnight. She said instead of stealing something, they left a few items behind -- some sunglasses and a GPS. She thinks they stole the items from someone else.

The break-ins are a reminder to lock your car doors, even in your own driveway. Angala says they'll make sure to move their valuables inside from now on.

"Just really lock your cars I guess, make sure to park them in the garage, and be really careful," she said.

Westlake police are still looking for the thieves.

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