Officer shot 4 times responding to Uniontown domestic incident described as 'stable' after surgery

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Uniontown Sgt. David White was shot four times Sunday night as he responded to a domestic disturbance. He underwent emergency surgery and was described as being stable Monday afternoon.

The woman who called 911 told dispatchers, in part: "There's a domestic disturbance going on -- could you guys just send out a cop?"

The suspect who opened fire on White and another Uniontown officer, Ryan Probst, 28, was shot and killed when officers returned fire, police said. The disturbance was not the first at the home, and White had responded previously to incidents at the house.

Uniontown Police Chief Harold Britt said it's standard for the department to have two officers respond to domestic incidents, which is what happened Sunday night.

"(Domestic violence calls are) probably one of the most dangerous calls you can get, because either one (of the subjects involved), they can turn on you, that's why we always send two, that's the standard most departments use is to send two officers to every domestic," said Britt.

Police said Probst greeted officers with gunfire when they responded to the home. Both officers returned fire, killing Probst.

White, who'd been shot four times, was taken to Akron City Hospital.

Police say his vitals are good, but he'll need to undergo more procedures.

White, described as a great friend and a great cop, is one of nine full time Uniontown police officers and 11 part time officers.

"Since we're a smaller agency it's more of a family, we all, Dave gets along with everybody, he's one the of the leaders of our department," said Britt. "He's a great guy, everybody loves him. This has really tore up the department, (we're) not only worried about his health, but the emotional health of our officers."

Britt said that White is the first Uniontown officer ever shot in the line of duty. The last Uniontown officer involved shooting was about 25 years ago, said Britt, adding an officer was last hurt or killed in the line of duty in 2011.

White has been an officer with Uniontown since 2002 -- before that he was a police officer in Rittman.

Cleveland 19 spoke to Rittman Sgt. Robert Shows Monday afternoon. Shows said that White was hired by the Rittman police in December 1992. He said that White is still a good friend, so the incident "hits really close to home."

Shows went on to say that White is "one of the best officers I know," describing him as self-motivated and proactive. Shows said that even though every law enforcement officer knows that there is a chance of being injured in the line of duty, what happened to White is shocking and emotional.

Family, friends, and fellow officers are asking for prayers for White's recovery.

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