Uniontown shootout: Police had visited man's home in 2014 on domestic disturbance call

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Sunday night was a terrifying one for Jessica Jamison, who's sister was married to a man shot and killed by police this past weekend in Uniontown.

"My fiance was just leaving the house and it was right when he walked out the front door, he said, 'There's cops at gunpoint at your house and they are bringing your sister down the street,'" she said.

Jamison had to grab her baby and take cover as there was a gunfight between Ryan Probst and police in the street in front of her house. She says she couldn't count how many shots were fired.

"I can't. It was too many, way too many for me to handle," she said.

Probst was shot and killed during the exchange.

Jamison said police have been called to that house across the street several times. She said her sister was married to Probst, who punched her sister Sunday night, breaking her nose.

Probst has arrest records dating back to 2008.

"We've been going on with this for a couple years now," Jamison said.

In 2012 he was arrested for waving a gun at two men.

He spent 22 days in jail in 2014 for aggravated menacing. According to court records, Sgt. David White and two other officers were called to the home because of a domestic violence disturbance involving a gun.

At the time, Jamison's sister was granted a temporary restraining order against Probst.

"There has been a history with officers being at that residence where there were guns removed from the home," said Stark County Sheriff George Maier.

Now Jamison is concerned with the well-being of the kids involved.

"Just trying to get the kids to where they need to be," she said.

Sgt. White was also involved with Sunday's exchange. He was shot four times and taken to Akron City Hospital, where he underwent surgery. Police say his vitals are good, but he'll need to undergo more procedures.

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