Cleveland executive says holistic approach ended his opioid addiction

You've probably heard people say that heroin and opioid addiction knows no color, no culture, no economic status.

A well-known senior vice-president of operations of a local company here in Cleveland area is proof. He didn't want to be identified for this story but says his problem started like so many others. He had complications from a surgery that led to pain management.

"One of the things they thought would help my pain situation was prescribing opioids, unfortunately - and I am absolutely of the belief intended to be well meant - took me down a very dark path," said the Cleveland area executive. "I was taking oral - handfuls of prescribed medicine from pain doctors who were trying to help me."

Eventually, though, he was trying to hustle pills from multiple sources and realized he needed help.

"I tried several times on my own, frankly, to stop, and I couldn't get through the symptoms. That's when I knew I had a serious challenge on my hands, and so, I need help to get through it," he said.

That's when he says he called Luna Living. The addiction treatment center in Chagrin Falls was recommended to him by a friend. Their holistic approach was effective for him.

"By the third day, I was here by myself. By the fourth day I was starting to become myself, and by the fifth day, I was myself. In four days I wasn't exactly a pearl."

In their promotional materials, Luna Living says they try to "correct the biochemical underpinnings of the disease." Clients receive NAD infusion therapy that is said to neutralize withdrawal symptoms.

Wendy Komac is the founder and CEO of Luna Living. Komac is very open about the addiction that began to break her body down when she was in her 20s.

"By today's standards, I would have been considered an addict and alcoholic when I was 15. My drugs of choice were vodka - a couple of bottles a day for a decade and cocaine," shared Komac.

Now 30 years sober, Komac knows what it takes to recover from addiction. She now has helped hundreds of others through her own drug treatment program called Luna Living. She says her program has a higher than normal success rate at 68 percent.

One of the reasons for her clients' success - the NAD IV drip that is used on patients going through withdrawal.

"NAD is an acronym for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is actually the most important co-enzyme that is in the body. So, we are not giving the body anything that is foreign to it. It is already in your body, and it plays a very important role in terms of creating energy on a mitochondrial level."

NAD infusion therapy is said to help addicts power through detox so that they can then move on to other parts of their treatment.

Something else that is unique about Luna Living's program is that clients go home at night and don't have to leave their high power positions or families for weeks on end like you do in other rehab facilities.

Komac says many of her clients are people you would least suspect are struggling with addiction.

"I would say 7 out of 10 of our patients are going to be executive level, and quite often their spouses do not know. Work definitely certainly doesn't know," said Komac.

Komac says most never have a craving again after having the NAD infusion therapy and completing her therapy program.

That doesn't mean no one ever relapses, but many like this executive who wanted to remain anonymous say they got their lives back.

"You can get help. You can get better. Don't beat yourself up."

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