Lightning strikes Bay Village property, family finds vehicle's airbag deployed in driveway

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - One Bay Village family is feeling lucky after a bolt of lighting literally hit close to home.

"It made me scream! It was the loudest sound I have ever heard. It sounded like a bomb went off," said homeowner Donna Blocksidge.

Blocksidge bolted out of her bed at 2:15 Tuesday morning when lightning struck her tree.

"We looked outside and we saw the car lights were on, it sounded like the engine was running. We asked, how could that possibly be? We came outside and saw the airbag was deployed. Saw the damage," she said.

The cement in the driveway popped up like popcorn. The current was so strong, firefighters told Donna it likely blew the car off the ground, slamming it back down hard, causing a tire to blow.

"It made everything explode, it took out our garage door opener," Blocksidge said.

A water main just at the edge of their driveway also blew. No one can say for sure if it was related, but Cleveland Water says it has never happened before, and they are looking into it.

The current also spread into Blocksidge's home.

"I saw a little part of the front room carpet had started burning," she said.

The lighting strike was so powerful it even blew light switches in the house.

"It could have started a fire. That would have been devastating," Blocksidge said.

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