Local family collects more than 700 books for Akron Children's Hospital

Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The medical staff at Akron Children's Hospital gave a 4-year-old boy his life back. So in turn, he and his family are thanking them in a special way -- with the gift of books.

Earlier this year, Mason was hospitalized for two weeks with a rare form of pneumonia. As he recovered, the nurses encouraged him to get up and walk around. So he and his mother would go to the book cart at the end of the hall.

"There was like four books and the whole time, we kept reading those same four books," said Jocie Sable.

When Mason went home, they kept thinking about the book cart and decided they wanted to do something about it. So Mom and Dad reached out to their friends on social media and started a book drive for Akron Children's Hospital.

The response was immediate. From February through June, their friends and family sent more than 700 books.

"It's nice, too, because all of our friends that are not from the area got to help out in this community, too," said the father, Rob Sable.

They delivered the books Tuesday and can't wait for the families to read them.

"We do have occasional donations of books, but this is incredible. We're so thankful to them for this," said Vicki Parisi, Director of Volunteer Services.

Jocie Sable said she's just excited if it entices some kids that are in pain and not feeling well to escape and move around.

"Then I know we've done something good," she said.

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