Storms knock down trees, knock out power across northeast Ohio

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - John Tula, who has lived on Gaylord Grove in Cuyahoga Falls for 44-years, ran to his window to see what was the matter.

"About (5:40 p.m.), I heard a loud crash," he said. "Sounded like a truck hitting a garbage can."

He said he went out front to find a huge tree.

"It had simply fallen into the street, hit the power line, tore down all the wires and it was a mess," he said.

It was a hot and humid Tuesday night and folks on Gaylord Grove Road, including Penny Robinson, will have to weather the heat until things get better. She was standing at the end of her driveway taking pictures of the tree company crew clean up the giant tree.

"All of a sudden we felt this ba-boom, came out and we thought maybe it was a car accident but there was a tree across the road," Robinson said.

The tree company was busy cleaning up that mess so the power company can get the electricity back on.

Tula says the tree had been leaning at a 45-degree angle for a decades.

"Telephone lines are down. It's part of summer," he said. "The tree was old. It was leaning and it just got tired and went and fell down."

On Orlando Avenue in Akron, part of an old tree came crashing down on a car, denting it, but thankfully no one was in it and the house was spared.

CEI, the power company, says electricity should have been back on by 8 p.m. It was not, but crews continue to work.

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