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Caught on Camera: Toledo woman catches thieves stealing package off her porch

(Source: Sherri Perry) (Source: Sherri Perry)

As well all know, ordering items online right to our door is becoming a very popular trend. It's fast, easy and convenient.

If you order things that are too big for your mailbox, the postal service leaves it right at your door. 

But what if you're not home to pick up your package and someone else picks it up for you?

That scenario just happened to Sherri Perry, a Toledo woman who used a surveillance camera to try and catch thieves who allegedly stole packages off her porch. 

Perry first had several packages stolen off her porch on June 21. 

"They were left there by my postal carrier and I hadn't gotten home from work to pick them up before they were taken," Perry said. 

However, Perry had no proof of the theft and didn't report it. 

A week later the same thing happened to her again, but this time she caught it on camera. 

Perry said she doesn't understand the mentality of people taking what isn't theirs.

"We all work hard for the money we make to purchase things we want. If you didn't buy it, keep your hands off of it," Perry said.

Perry says the packages contained shoes and makeup for a cosplay costume.

Perry said some neighbors of hers have had problems with their cars being ransacked. She said she just wants her neighborhood to stay safe.

"If nothing else, I'd like my local neighborhood to be aware of this issue and on the lookout for this vehicle and these men. Stealing mail is a federal crime, and one I'd like to stop if possible," said Perry.

Perry said she has tried contact Toledo Police and Postal Investigators but has not heard back from either organization. 

Still, she hopes the video will at least make neighbors aware of the theft going on in the area.

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