Family of fallen Cleveland officer says they were told to pay thousands in hospital bills

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The grieving family of Officer David Fahey is facing more anguish, and the state may be adding to the pain.

It is refusing to release liens on insurance payments to the officer's family in a financial fight with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. The agency claims it is owed money.

Back in January, a dashcam caught video of driver Israel Alvarez's car driving away after striking and killing Fahey, who was helping direct traffic at a fatal accident on Interstate 90.

Because of a bad driving record, he had a bond rather than insurance, but in short order his insurer General agreed to pay $25,000.

Fahey's insurer, USAA, agreed that he was covered for uninsured motorist and they'd pay. But no payments have been made, as the Bureau of Workers Compensation sent a letter and put a lien on the money.

Fahey's mother Jackie Ketterer was told it was for a portion of her son's hospital bill after he was hit. She was also told that her son, who had died, filed the claim. They said they're owed money because they're recouping money for the City of Cleveland because they had to pay Fahey's medical bills. Ketterer was told to pay nearly $9,000.

She called BWC and got nowhere, but did get an itemized copy of the hospital bill.

"In my grief I didn't need to see an itemized list of everything the hospital did for my child," she said.

She called again with questions and got the same answer, that money is owed and had to be paid.

"I said I can't keep talking to you about my son and not be upset so I don't want to talk to you anymore -- I want to talk to somebody over your head," she said. "The supervisor said they'd settle for $2,000."

Cleveland 19 called BWC and the city of Cleveland but did not hear back in time for publication.

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