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Monday is 'World Emoji Day'

World Emoji Day (file photo, Source: Pixabay) World Emoji Day (file photo, Source: Pixabay)

They are seen all over social media and used for communicating on phones, and now the symbolic icons are recognized on July 17 for World Emoji Day.

Emoji, which means "picture word" in Japanese according to, was developed to express an emotion with an icon in text.

Their start dates back to 1990, but became more popular when Apple released an iPhone with an emoji keyboard.

New emoji are constantly being developed, and are used by many as a short-form way of communication, especially in the form of text messaging.

According to EmojiTracker, the "face with tears of joy" (??) is used the most on Twitter.

Click here for a collection of emoji, and share them with your friends!

Happy World Emoji Day!

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