Cedar Point turns Mean Streak into new roller coaster, ready in 2018

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - After several social media video teasers, Cedar Point officials announced that they are turning the Mean Streak roller coaster into a new ride for 2018.

During a hard hat tour on Tuesday, officials said they started tearing down Mean Streak after (allegedly) shutting the wooden roller coaster down in 2016, but instead are building a new ride that is expected to be completed next year.

Cedar Point is not expected to release any additional information until a bigger announcement this fall, but there is no denying that renovations are being done. Height extensions and more wood are being added, and most noticeably, winding and twisting steel tracks are being installed to the wooden frame.

Mean Streak was originally built in 1991. When it was first built, the coaster held the record for the tallest lift and longest drop for a wooden coaster.

The announcement of the initial closure brought out mixed emotions from Mean Streak riders. Some riders expressed sadness that it was closing, while others expressed appreciation for the time it was around.

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