Cleveland ranked as the 3rd most stressed city

Cleveland ranked as the 3rd most stressed city

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new study has ranked Cleveland as the third most stressed city in the United States.

The report by factored in several factors to determine which cities are the most and least stressed. The results were based off of poverty and divorce rates, percentage of healthy adults, job security, and average hours of sleep per night.

The top five most stressed cities are:

  1. Newark, NJ
  2. Detroit, Mi.
  3. Cleveland, Oh.
  4. Jackson, Ms.
  5. Miami, Fl.

Cleveland ranks No. 3 mostly because of the financial and family stress that residents face. According to, Cleveland has the highest divorce rate and the second highest poverty rate among the cities that were surveyed.

As far as healthy residents and average amount of sleep, Cleveland is listed in the middle of the list for each category.

Cleveland is not the Ohio city that made the list. Akron ranks No. 23 and Columbus came in at No. 84.

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