Do you live near any of the thousands of abandoned mines in Ohio? (interactive map)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The partial collapse of an old abandoned mine in Wadsworth has a team of Ohio Department of Natural Resources experts trying to shore up the problem.

ODNR didn't know the Wadsworth mine existed until two condo buildings and one house started showing structural problems.

According to Eric Heis with ODNR, there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of old mines in the state that were abandoned in the 200 year history of mining in the state.

Is an abandoned mine causing home foundations in Wadsworth to crack?

The ODNR Division of Mineral Resources has what's called Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Programs that is trying to locate, research and secure all of Ohio's old mines.

Interactive Map

There is a pretty expansive interactive map that shows some of the hundreds of active and inactive mines but it is not complete for a safety reason. 

"We don't list them all because we don't want people looking for them, or spelunking," Heis said. (Spelunking is the exploration of caves, a practice that could be dangerous in mines that aren't secured.)

Here's an example of a coal mine abandoned in 1896 just east of Wadsworth that they do know about, highlighted in blue. Notice the huge mineral mine to the east in Summit County that was abandoned in 1971. These are examples of secured mines.

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