There's a movie based in Cleveland you may want to watch on Netflix right now -- or maybe not

There's a movie based in Cleveland you may want to watch on Netflix right now -- or maybe not

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It isn't a well-known title, but exterior shots for the dark comedy "Uncle Nick" were filmed in Cleveland and it's available for your streaming pleasure on Netflix.

The opening shot, as seen below, is a chilling look at downtown Cleveland in the dead of winter.

Many may actually like the film's alternative title: "10 Cent Beer Night: Christmas in Cleveland."

The movie, directed by Chris Kasick of Cleveland, was also featured at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

It's 93 minutes of watching drunken Uncle Nick stumble through his brother's traditional annual Christmas gathering in Cleveland with the hopes of hooking up with someone much hotter than him.

Uncle Nick is played by Brian Posehn. Scott Adsit, Missi Pyle, Paget Brewster and Beau Ballinger are also featured in the film.

The move isn't rated, but it's full of raunchy and crude humor.

"This is not a holiday movie. This is an uncomfortable, tragic tale set against a holiday dinner backdrop," a reviewer wrote on Netflix. "While it's a well-delivered story that kept my attention throughout, there are very few laughs and absolutely none of the comedic tone I've come to expect from Brian Posehn. Worth watching, but skip this if you're looking for something fun or something to set a holiday mood."

Reviews were mixed -- many offer up one star and many offer up five stars.

"Absolutely fantastic. Everything -- acting, jokes, writing, screen shots -- was beautifully done. I personal[ly] loved the lead character's sister ... but all of the character work was brilliant. This is what happens when character actors decide to do a movie. It's a little strange, and a little booze-soaked, but so are the holidays." another reviewer posted.

So maybe give it a shot -- or don't, but the movie is based in Cleveland and as someone pointed out on Cleveland's subreddit: "Seeing accurate Cleveland references is pretty awesome."

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