Cleveland Christian Home launches internal investigation into employee following Carl Monday investigation

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Chief Executive Officer of the Cleveland Christian Home, Charles Tuttle, released a response in regard to Cleveland 19's investigation into a new hire who was recently terminated from Cleveland Schools.

The Cleveland Christian Home has now launched an internal investigation.

In March, Eric Simpkins was terminated from Cleveland Metropolitan School District as a security officer due to inappropriate sexual behavior, sexual harassment and more involving two female students at John Hay High School following our investigation.

Two months later, Simpkins was hired by the Cleveland Christian Home - a treatment center for at risk youth- as a nighttime Residential Adviser.

The Cleveland Christian Home contends they ran multiple mandated federal and state background checks on Simpkins. CCH's Tuttle also claims they ran a previous employment on Cleveland Schools through a company called BackTrack.  According to CCH's Tuttle, CMSD reported to BackTrack that Simpkins had "resigned" from his job as security officer.

CMSD records obtained by our investigative team this week shows that BackTrack checked to see if Simpkins had obtained a high school diploma from CMSD.

In an email our team obtained, CMSD responded to BackTrack and confirmed that Simpkins had graduated from CMSD and did receive his diploma.

According to CMSD, there are no records of CMSD reporting back to the Cleveland Christian Home that Simpkins had "resigned" or any information about his employment history at CMSD.

There is only one email regarding Simpkins education that was sent.

The Cleveland Christian Home maintains they have documentation from CMSD stating that Simpkins had resigned but won't disclose them to our investigative team as proof.

Here is a copy of the termination letter mailed to Eric Simpkins back in March, clearly showing that CMSD fired him from his job.

The letter was obtained by our investigative team, directly from Cleveland Metropolitan School District in March 2017.

The Cleveland Christian Home stated in a release late Tuesday afternoon that they are "conducting our own internal investigation at this time" and that "the safety of the children in our care is our number one priority."

The Cleveland Christian Home maintains they did run the background check, and Simpkins had resigned according to a CMSD response they received.

Did CMSD report to the Christian Home that Simpkins resigned instead of being fired? How could that be when their own documents show the school district fired him?

Cleveland 19 reached out to CMSD for clarification regarding correspondence between the Christian Home and BackTrack on Simpkins. CMSD officials say they're looking into it.

Cleveland 19 will keep asking questions and getting answers.


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