Prosthetic leg keeps Ohio fisherman afloat

Adam Shannon (Source: Facebook)
Adam Shannon (Source: Facebook)

DOYLESTOWN, OH (WOIO) - A fisherman said his prosthetic leg helped save his life and keep him afloat after he fell overboard during a fishing trip in Wayne County.

Adam Shannon says he was fishing on Dohner Lake in Chippewa Township on Monday night when the seat on his boat broke. As he fell into the water, his prosthetic leg fell off.

Fortunately, Shannon was able to grab a hold of the fake leg and use it as a floatation device.

Even though his phone went underwater, Captain Doug Hunter with the Wayne County Sheriff said Shannon was able shake off the phone and call 911. He was not able to communicate with a dispatcher, but the operators were able to determine his location based off a cellphone ping.

His yelling attracted a family that lives nearby, who grabbed their boat and paddled out to rescue Shannon.

Shannon said, "I was pretty worried, pretty tired. I hung there for quite a while."

He was eventually rescued by the Krause family, who Shannon calls his "guardian angels."

(Video courtesy of Wayne County Sheriff)

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