One-of-a-kind yardwork shoes developed by local Kirtland residents

KIRTLAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of Kirtland neighbors are hoping to put Cleveland on the map with a new invention.

Shawn Langton and Kelsey Martin, who are behind Kujo Yardwear, recently launched the yard shoe on Kickstarter and are trying to reach their goal of $40,000 by Aug. 2.

The soles of the shoes absorb impact, which also provide comfort in landscaping work. The overall goal of the company and brand is to provide the utility of backyard footwear for people who get out and enjoy their yards, Kelsey said.

You can purchase the shoes on their Kickstarter page. The shoes will cost around $120 with discounted pre-orders available on Kickstarter. Langton even hired a well-known designer in the shoe world, Brett Golliff, who has experience with New Balance and Reebok.

The founders hope to have Kujo footwear not only in local stores, but retail stores across the country as well.

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