Program aims to make sure seniors are safe on the road

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - How well does your car fit you? Does it make a difference? Getting the answers to these questions can mean a much better driving experience -- not to mention a safer one.

The next generation of cars on the road will be driver-less, but many seniors are having trouble navigating the road as is. Luckily, AARP has created the educational Car Fit Program.

"We evaluate and assess how their fit is in their vehicle so that they're comfortable as well as safe on the road," said Lynn Bragg of the AARP Safe Drivers program.

She says there's more to a good drive than just jumping in your vehicle and hitting the road, especially for seniors.

"With the new features we have on the vehicles nowadays sometimes we might forget we might need to have that mirror adjusted or the seat might be adjusted a little bit more comfortably to keep you safe," she said.

Things like safety levers help seniors get a little bit more leverage when fastening seat belts. It straps onto the seat belt and aims to aid those with arthritis or any difficulty pulling from around the side.

AARP says older drivers are generally the safest drivers because they wear their seat belts more and are less likely to speed or drink and drive.

Joshua Huffman was one of the seniors that attended the Car Fit Program in Sandusky on Friday.

"At 86 years old I don't move too well. So, these things will help," he said.

Despite being safe drivers, seniors are more likely to be killed or seriously hurt when driving because of their fragile bodies and slower reaction times.

"For families members who might have questions about whether mom or dad needs to give up the keys or if they just want to have a checkup, doctors can do a prescription for an assessment," said Bragg.

AARP is conducting a series of Car Fit events staffed with trained technicians and health pros to help make sure a senior's vehicle is comfortable and safe for the driver. It only takes about 20 minutes and it can make a life or death difference on the road.

At Friday's Car Fit event they went beyond just seeing if seniors car were fitted corrected, they also gave physical checkups as well, with things like free blood pressure screenings and vision screenings.

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