2 E. Coli cases confirmed at Geauga County summer camp

MIDDLEFIELD, OH (WOIO) - Gates are closed at Plast Camp in Geauga County as the health district begins their investigation to try to figure out why kids at the summer camp suddenly got sick.

Health District Commissioner Robert Weisdack said there are two confirmed E. Coli cases, but a handful of other kids also said they didn't feel well and more tests are being done to see if other kids have E. Coli.

University Hospitals Dr. Aaron Lareau said there are E. Coli signs to watch out for.

"Diarrhea, cramping of the stomach. Occasionally in cases where people are more ill you can see high fever, blood in the stool. In rare cases it can become a pretty severe illness," he said.

Lareau said E. Coli is a bacterial infection that can travel quickly, especially in cases where there are a lot of kids who might not always be the cleanest at camp. The kids are sleeping in tents and swimming outside.

Right now, the health district doesn't know where the E. Coli came from. They closed the swimming pool Wednesday, but workers said the bacteria could be in the water wells or food.

"The most important thing you can do is good hand hygiene and try to keep foods well washed and avoid any kind of questionable water source," said Lareau. "It's a little gross to say, but it's probably coming from contaminated water from stool, either from animals or from humans, possibly related to poor hygiene."

Lareau said E. Coli is fairly common and he sees outbreaks from time to time.

More than 200 kids went to Plast Camp, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old.

Cleveland 19 News called Plast Camp, but workers directed questions to the Geauga County Health District. They said they hope to have more answers by the end of next week.

Camp workers handed out E. Coli fact sheets to the parents who picked their kids up. Friday night, the health district said about 30 kids were still at the camp. They expect all kids to be out by Saturday so they can go in next week and investigate.

The health district said there is no risk to the community, so people outside the camp shouldn't worry about getting E. Coli.

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