Family speaks out after alleged attempted child abduction in LaGrange

LAGRANGE, OH (WOIO) - A scary scene unfolded Friday evening on Whitney Road in LaGrange Township, Lorain County. It was a scene one family will most likely never forget.

"They were all the way up here in front of my van, in a pool. The guy comes up on my property," said dad Dave McCullough.

McCullough wasn't home at the time, but he keeps reliving what happened to his little girl.

"This man came up into my driveway, my property. Since when can't your kids play in your yard? We did nothing wrong. The person who did wrong was the sick person who tried to take my kids," Dave McCullough said.

The girls say the man, described as black man, thin build, about 6 feet 1 inch, and in his late 20s or early 30s. They say he drove up into the driveway, offered the 4- and 7-year-old candy. They said no, but the man grabbed the 4-year-old and tried to get away. The 7-year-old ran to get help.

"I walked outside and a guy had my sister, and then he let go of her. I went and grabbed her, and he took off," said Travis McCullough.

As the man sped away in his silver four door sedan, the family ran to get help from neighbor Nita Cermak.

"I went, oh my god," Cermak said.

Cermak could see how frightened the family was and had son Travis call for help.

"I handed him my phone and said, call 911 right now. I lifted her shirt up, and she had marks all over her back. She had hand prints. He didn't grab her this way, he grabbed her this way, like he was going to," Cermak said.

Everyone is relieved nothing more happened, they thank police for acting so quickly, and leave a warning to other parents.

"Guy needs to be caught. It takes a lot of you know what to walk up someone's driveway and try to take their child. That doesn't cut it around here," Cermak said.

"He'll either make another mistake, and if he's that brazen that he'll come up into the driveway like that, it's only a matter of time he'll do it again," said Dave McCullough.

The Lorain County sheriff's office says there are still no arrests but the investigation continues.

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