Shaker Heights police warn residents of 'car hoppin'

Shaker Heights police warn residents of 'car hoppin'

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It's not a game, but some criminals are doing this for fun. The Shaker Heights Police Department is warning residents of a popular new trend called "hoppin."

Shaker Heights police say they arrested two Cleveland residents recently for entering unlocked cars after dark. When police started questioning the two criminals, they said they were "hoppin" or "car hoppin."

The suspects said they go "hoppin" from car to car looking for ones that are unlocked. One of the criminals told police that his group of friends are making hundreds of dollars a week taking money, credit cards, and other valuable items from the unlocked cars.

According to Shaker Heights police, the suspects, who were described as "kids," said they would never physically break into a car because it increases their chance of leaving evidence behind or causing more commotion. That is why they are only targeting unlocked cars. Shockingly, the suspects told police that nearly half of the vehicles they attempt to enter are unlocked.

The Shaker Heights Police would like to remind residents to lock car doors, secure your valuables, and shut the garage door at night.

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