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Dog recently shot and killed by police in Stark County: Was it justified?

Was the shooting justified (Source: WOIO) Was the shooting justified (Source: WOIO)

A Stark County family is upset after its dog was shot and killed by a police officer.

The officer said he had no choice.

On video, Alliance Police Officer Joshua Tenney can be heard calling the dogs. Eventually, they come from around a building, running to him, but are diverted to a ditch.

Then a dog named China begins running to the officer, and that's when shots are fired.

Mark Sampson and his fiancee Morgan Furry own the dogs China, Nala, and a Rottweiler. They say the dogs, who are friendly and would never bite, escaped through a fence opening.

The couple says it looks like the dogs are playing on the video. They think the officer got timid.

A woman who spoke with Cleveland 19 News says the dog named China once bit her. The woman did not want to be identified.

"(China) charged right at me and got a hold of my leg," she said.

Sampson said he didn't hear anything about that.

Tenney says China was aggressively charging him and he had no choice but to shoot.

Sampson isn't mad at police. He just wishes there was another way.

"I just wish he didn't have to shoot my dog," he said.

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