The hide-and-seek story behind the yellow stikman figures in Cleveland

The hide-and-seek story behind the yellow stikman figures in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In a few clever places around Cleveland, you may find a yellow skeletal robot-looking figure or you may just unknowingly walk right over it.

The figures are known as stikman and it was created by an unknown guerrilla street artist. Stikman's been spotted in a few locations in Cleveland -- like by the Cleveland Museum of Art and at the East 9th Street crosswalk near Cleveland's U.S. Coast Guard station.

The figures are all over the country, mostly in bigger cities like Chicago, New York City, Boston, Hollywood and Washington D.C. While much is unknown about stikman's creator, many of the robot figures are made of corrugated plastic, vinyl records, burlap sacks or scraps of wood, metal or cloth.

They are mainly spotted in crosswalks, but have been seen on buildings, newspaper boxes and traffic signs.

The artist has been playing a game of hide-and-seek with stikman for more than 20 years.

There's a very good chance thousands of people have walked right over stikman in Cleveland's crosswalks -- but that is exactly the point the artist is trying to make.

By hiding stikman in plain sight, the creator encourages people to open their eyes and be more observant about their surroundings. The art continues to change every time a new tire or pedestrian crosses its path.

It's estimated around 150 of these mixed media creations are around the United States.

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