Cleveland ordered 111,950 McDonald's nuggets from UberEATS in 1 month

Cleveland ordered 111,950 McDonald's nuggets from UberEATS in 1 month

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In June McDonald's partnered with UberEATS to start delivering those crispy fries, and all other menu items to your doorstep here in Northeast Ohio.

When you need some nuggets, I guess you need nuggets.

McDonald's just announced how well the program is going in its first full month. UberEATS is another branch of the ride sharing app that will have drivers pick up food from a growing number of restaurants and then deliver it to you.

The surprise is that in the first month, not one burger is in the top three most ordered items in the Cleveland area. Here are the top three items delivered in Northeast Ohio:

The program through the app has a $4.99 delivery charge but that doesn't seem to matter to some. The cheapest delivery in the first month was someone who ordered a $1.50 small coffee. Yes that means the delivery charge more than three times the cost of the coffee. One the other side of that equation is the largest order in the first month. Either a large family or someone who loves their McD's put in an order for $65.96.

One of the more shocking numbers is the sheer amount of McNuggets ordered in the first month.

When the program started here locally 40 franchise locations signed on but that has now grown to 62 locations. In the report McDonald's is already saying more markets in Northeast Ohio are being considered.

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