3 Cleveland police officers accused of excessive force, falsifying reports in NAACP lawsuit

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Three Cleveland police officers are being accused of using excessive force in a lawsuit filed by lawyers for the Cleveland Branch of the NAACP.

The city of Cleveland is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

In the filing, 22-year-old Shase Howse, who is African-American, claims that on July 28, 2016, police stopped him on his way to the grocery store, searched and detained him for no reason at all. According to the lawsuit, police let him go but then later showed up at his home in the 700 block of East 102nd Street and confronted him on his porch, assaulting him and eventually, arresting him for assault and battery on a police officer.

Charges against Howse were later dropped.

The lawsuit also accuses the officers of writing a false report when they said that they "believed that Shase Howse was preparing to flee and, was actually 'scanning the area for a (sic) exit route'."

The city of Cleveland is accused of inadequately training and supervising the officers involved, one of which is only named by John Doe because his actual identity, the lawsuit says, is not known.

As of early Thursday morning, the city of Cleveland had not yet responded to our request for comment.

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