ODA Officials: All rides safe at the Lake County Fair

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Many local people are worried about safety after the fatal accident at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday night.

On this sunny Thursday at the Lake County Fair, everyone is trying to have a good time but Wednesday's accident has some people on high alert and they're not taking any chances.

Nicole Harvey attended the Lake County Fair with her daughter and friends, she's being extra careful about the rides.

"Watch it a couple of times, see how it looks, is it making funny noises," Harvey explained.

John Young said he's been in the carnival business for more than 16 years and believes it's human nature for people to be worried.

Families of 3 people injured at the Ohio State Fair release statement

"People are always nervous on rides in my opinion because they move around so much but I'll tell you, a lot of the times, the companies are on top of it," Young said.

One of the owners of  Lisko Family Midway Amusements, Richard Lisko, said he understands why people are concerned but no one needs to worry. Crews do ride inspections early in the morning before the fair opens and even random checks during the day. In a statement:

We follow the advice of ODA and the state inspectors. Our rides have been thoroughly inspected and are deemed safe. our sympathy goes out to the families and all those involved in this tragic incident. Lisko Amusements provides the rides for the Lake County Fair. 

The Lake County Fair is open through Sunday, July 30.

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